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Behavorial Interviews

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Behavioral interview rounds focus on a candidate's soft skills - how they work with others, how they handled situations in the past. For comprehensive behavioral interview content, Tech Interview Handbook covers that along with common behavioral interview questions from the top companies.

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What Facebook looks for in behavioral interviews

  • Discuss anything that's on your resume, including current projects and details
  • Provide specific examples about what you did and the resulting impact
  • Critique yourself and share what you learned from a past situation
  • Talk about what you like about your current role and/or being a developer
  • Discuss why you'd like to make a change

Source: Preparing for your Onsite Interview at Facebook

Do check out GreatFrontEnd for its free Behavioral Interview Guidebook to learn how to approach behavioral interviews as a front end engineer. Find out about evaluation criteria at big tech, efficient strategies to prepare, and top behavioral interview questions.


I really don't think one needs to attend a course on behavioral interviews, but your mileage may vary. I've seen candidates get rejected for failing the behavioral round even though they did super well on the coding and system design interviews. If you want to take a course on behavioral interviews, you can check out Educative's Grokking the Behavioral Interview course.