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Dropbox Front End Interview Questions

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Dropbox focuses on practical questions for their Front End Engineering interview loop rather than on raw algorithmic coding.

Our web developer interviews focus on practical application of HTML/CSS/JS for building web UI. The questions are based on real-world examples rather than raw coding exercises. You will be given a design spec and asked to build the best solution you can that demonstrates your experience and grasp of web development technologies.

Refer to the full official Dropbox Web Developer Interview Preparation Guide.


User interface coding

  • Build an image gallery using JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Forming words from mobile keypad.
  • Build a UI that fetches data from a weather API that is matching a design spec.
  • Build a UI that matches a design spec of one of the pages on the Dropbox homepage.

System design

  • Design Google calendar.


  • You want to log the number of hits to a site. Implement two functions, log_hit() which gets called when a hit is registered, and get_hits_in_last_five_minutes() which returns the total number of hits in the last five minutes.

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