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Amazon front end interview questions

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Amazon is known to focus a lot on behavioral questions and their Leadership Principles. Hence be well-prepared in the non-technical aspects too.

Refer to Amazon's official interview preparation guides for:


  • What is the CSS box model?
  • What is a JavaScript closure?
  • What happens when you type URL into a browser and hit enter?


  • Implement Array.prototype functions like map, reduce, filter, sort.
  • Given an object and a filter function, write a function that recursively filters the object, returning only values which return true when called with the filter function (like Array.prototype.filter but for objects).
  • Implement a function getElementsByStyle(property, value) that returns all elements in the DOM that match that style.
    • E.g. getElementsByStyle("color", "#fff") will return all elements in the DOM with white text.
    • Practice question (Paid)
  • Promisify a function.

User interface coding

  • Implement a data table from an array of objects using HTML/CSS and JavaScript with searching and sorting.
  • Implement Material UI Chips with auto-suggest. When sending an e-mail, auto-suggest people and convert them into a chip with their avatar on the right
  • Implement a Like button. Source
  • Code a paginated widget of addresses. Imagine you are a seller with a list of address you ship to an need to view them 5 address per page, with the possibility to go previous and next. Source
  • Implement a search bar using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Implement a star rating widget.
  • Implement tic-tac-toe.
  • Recreate an adaptive layout with flexbox. Ensure accessibility.
  • Implement a chess board with movable pieces.
  • How do you render text on a banner image?
  • Render a directory tree given a nested JSON object.

System design

  • Design a restaurant listing application where user can make orders and customize their orders by adding additional stuffs like toppings, salads etc. Source
  • Design an accordion component.


Amazon does have rounds evaluating your Computer Science fundamentals by asking LeetCode-style questions. Do be prepared for them.

Source: Glassdoor Amazon Front End Engineer Interview Questions