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Resume preparation

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Front End Interview Handbook is now part of GreatFrontEnd! We are working to migrate the content over and you may find the latest version of this page on GreatFrontEnd.

Resumes are often overlooked in the job application process, but extremely important as they can make or break your application. The Tech Interview Handbook contains more details on how to write a killer resume which will also benefit Front End engineer candidates.

1. Use resume templates

Why waste time creating your own resume from scratch when you can use a template?! There are many free resume templates you can find online, or you can just purchase quality ones. FAANG Tech Leads is currently offering resume templates and references at 70% off.

Their templates:

  • Are created by ex-FAANG hiring managers based on top resumes received from hundreds of candidate applications
  • Guarantee readability by FAANG ATS
  • Cater to various experience levels

They also offer resume examples/references from candidates who have received multiple offers from FAANG companies - which are helpful in helping you craft content that meets the same bar. Check it out!

2. Test readability with industry-standard ATS

Test the readability and formatting of your resume using Resume Worded's free ATS resume scan. Most big companies use such resume scanners.

3. The plain text file test

Simply copy the content from your resume and paste it into a plain text document! Make edits if:

  • There are points missing from your original resume
  • Characters are displaying incorrectly in plain text
  • Sections are disorganized