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Trivia questions in front end interviews

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Trivia-style questions are usually found in the first few stages of an interview as the answers are usually short and can possibly be administered by a minimally-technical recruiter.

Trivia questions are meant to test how well candidates understand the theory behind the domain. They can be aced by either having real solid understanding of the concepts or by pure memorization of answers. While there can be infinitely many possible quiz questions, the most common questions can be found within the next few pages.

Basic examples

  • JavaScript
    • What is a closure?
    • Explain what promises are and what they're useful for.
    • What is the difference between a promise and a callback?
    • Explain this in JavaScript.
  • CSS
    • Explain the CSS box model.
    • Explain the various CSS position properties and its differences.
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Advanced examples

For more senior candidates, expect to explain more advanced stuff with no absolute answers.

  • How does React work? What is virtual DOM and what problems does it solve?
  • Why did you use library X over library Y?

The best and correct way is to prepare for such questions is to really understand the concepts and get some hands-on experience in applying them in a project. Memorizing the answers is not recommended but is acceptable if you are running out of time.

Common questions

The next few pages go through common trivia questions tested for HTML/CSS/JavaScript and provides high quality answers to them.