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ByteDance/TikTok front end interview questions

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ByteDance/TikTok's front end interview is quite balanced in terms of interview format.


User interface coding


  • Difference between localStorage and cookies.


  • Merge two sorted integer arrays, remove duplicates.
  • You have an image on a page, write css and js so that when mouse is over the image, it rotates 180 deg with 1 sec animation.
  • Given a list of points, find out if any four of them form a square. Return 'true' if possible, else 'false'.
    • Examples: [[0, 0], [2, 0], [1, 1], [0, -1], [-1, -1], [0, 2], [0, 1], [1,0]] -> true
  • Check for balanced brackets in a string.
  • Given two nodes, return the section of the tree between these two nodes.
  • Find the islands in a grid of land and sea.

Source: Glassdoor ByteDance Front End Developer Interview Questions